I Was Broke, Depressed And Out Of Options. Now I Live My Dream Life In The Mediterranean Thanks To PGA

Carolene Méli
June 18, 2024

I was at a crossroads.

I had wrapped up a highly successful career in the events and entertainment industry and then full of hope and excitement, I began a new chapter as a solopreneur. But after 3 years of aimless navigation and failing over and over again, I was left totally broken - financially, mentally and everything in between. My confidence was completely shot, I was very depressed, I felt like I was alone on the journey and honestly I didn’t know what to do.

However in all that uncertainty there was one thing I was sure of - I knew that I couldn’t continue along this same path. I HAD to make a game-winning, checkmate chess move.

But in what direction?

My question was eerily answered by PGA/Nicolas Cole showing up in my life 3 different times in 3 different ways, all in the same week and after speaking with the PGA team, I KNEW this was it.

I took the leap and thus began an amazing, unexpected, rewarding adventure that took me from broke and broken to building a successful, 1-person ghostwriting business that now allows me to live my dream life in the Mediterranean - all within 8 months.

When I first joined PGA, I thought I’d be learning about ghostwriting Educational Email Courses. Turns out I have learnt so much more - from the best in the industry and alongside an ambitious, motivated and go-getter community.

I learnt how to:

  1. Create a crystal clear offer for my services and talk about them confidently
  2. Uncover unique ways to help potential clients
  3. Overdeliver during cold outreach
  4. Excel on sales calls
  5. Price anchor
  6. Build kickass, evergreen email assets (that can serve clients for YEARS)
  7. Master Convertkit
  8. Develop great client relationships from day 1
  9. Write better social content (to act as a funnel for growing my personal brand)
  10. Build a successful solopreneur business!

To think of where I was 8 months ago and now where I am at today blows my mind and mind-blowing even still -it’s only the beginning. My journey with PGA continues as a member of their advanced-level mentorship programme that allows me continue learning, growing and bonding with the most elite group of ghostwriters and coaches.

Pinch me!

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