Here at PGA (Premium Ghostwriting Academy), we transform everyday people into Premium Ghostwriters—whether you have been freelance writing for years, or have zero experience and have never ghostwritten anything before. Now is the greatest time in human history to get paid to write… and we show you how!

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Premium Ghostwriting Academy specializes in helping writers position and package their services in a way that allows them to charge a premium. When you sell packaged services, you escape from the trap of charging “per word” or “per hour” and elevate to charging “per asset” or even “per outcome.” This is the secret to landing higher-quality clients and increasing your rates as a writer, and we show you how!

Ambitious 9-5Ers

Are you looking for a lucrative side hustle? Or maybe you want to change careers and pivot to something with more freedom & flexibility? If you enjoy writing, then start ghostwriting!

Freelance Writers

Stuck at $5k - $8k per month? Can’t seem to raise your prices? Tired of attracting demanding, low-paying clients? Let’s fix that!

Our Approach

The 3 Pillars of Success: This is how you go from being “someone who enjoys writing” to becoming a Premium Ghostwriter.


First, we help you specialize in an industry and position yourself as a trusted advisor and Premium Ghostwriter on the Internet. This sets the tone and ensures you attract high-quality clients from the very beginning.


Second, we train you to ghostwrite, launch, and sell Packaged Services, such as 5-Day Educational Email Courses, that have an immediate impact for businesses— allowing you to charge a premium.


Third, we train you on our method for sparking conversations, educating potential clients, and landing high-ticket opportunities—without being “sales-y.” This approach is how we have sold over $5,000,000 worth of ghostwriting services (so we know it works!).

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Inside PGA, we give you everything you need to succeed in the lucrative world of online ghostwriting. Specifically, we train you on how to package, price, and ghostwrite email courses, social media content, and newsletters for thought leaders & business owners in any industry.

Email Course Ghostwriting

The primary asset we train you to build, ghostwrite, and launch are 5-Day Educational Email Courses—because this is a revenue-critical asset for any business owner, which allows you to easily charge a premium. We have trained 700+ writers on how to create these EECs (even complete beginners!) so we know this is the best place to start.

Newsletter Ghostwriting

Once you build an Educational Email Course for a client, guess what they need next? A weekly newsletter! Inside PGA, we also show you how to upsell clients on a monthly retainer to ghostwrite evergreen newsletters for them and their business.

Social Media Ghostwriting

And once a client has an EEC (attracting their target readers/customers) and starts building their email list, and as they nurture their email list with a weekly newsletter, what else do they need? More organic traffic! So we also show you how to upsell clients  on another monthly retainer to ghostwrite social content to continue driving new leads for their EEC & business.

What Our Members Are Saying

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You’re Never Too Old to Chart a New Course
Bernadette Broderick
Community Member
I Was Broke, Depressed And Out Of Options. Now I Live My Dream Life In The Mediterranean
Carolene Méli
Community Member
I Lost 70 Pounds & Doubled My Annual Income (While Working A Full-Time Day Job With A Newborn)
Colin Krueger
Community Member
I Had No Clue. No Experience. No Contacts… Then I Found PGA
Harsha Agarwal
Community Member

How it works

Premium Ghostwriting Academy is not a passive online course. It’s an in-depth, hands-on training program where we support you with a trifecta of Education, Community, and Mentorship. When you join PGA, you are immediately added to your own private Slack channel with our entire team where you can ask questions, submit assignments, and book 1:1s with your dedicated Student Success Coach. And no matter what obstacle you run into on your ghostwriting journey, our team will be there to help you, coach you, and give you the answer (so you don’t have to spend months, or years, trying to figure it out on your own).


When you join PGA, you first unlock our 9-Module Curriculum hosted in Skool. Over 700 students have gone through our curriculum, and many call it “life-changing” for a reason. This is the most in-depth ghostwriting blueprint on the Internet, with each module connected to a gamified assignment—forcing you to put your learnings into practice. Assignments are then submitted inside Slack where you will receive feedback from your dedicated Student Success Coach.


Next, as a member of PGA you will be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of other writers—just like you. We have a wide range of students, from complete beginners who have never written anything on the Internet before to prolific writers who have been looking for a new way to monetize their talents. Our youngest student is a teenager, and our oldest student is 80 years old, and we have students from all over the world. Our motto is: we all learn faster, together.


Lastly, in addition to our core curriculum, bonus courses, and vast library of bonus resources and ChatGPT prompts, as well as the leading community for ghostwriters on the Internet, we also support you with 4 live sessions each week:
  • Niche & Content Clinic
  • Tech & Automation Clinic
  • Sales & Outreach Clinic
  • Hot Seat & Workshop
Each clinic is an hour, held on Zoom, where anyone can attend, ask questions, or just listen-in to that week’s topic of discussion. And on Thursdays, you can sign-up for the “Hot Seat” with Nicolas Cole—and ask questions directly, or receive case-specific feedback on your client work.
Students call these Thursday Hot Seat & Workshops “$10,000 Consulting Sessions.”

About the Founders


Founder of Digital Press, the first ghostwriting agency for C-Level Executives & Silicon Valley Founders/Investors (2016-2021)

Scaled to $2M ARR & 24 full-time employees, writing on behalf of 300+ industry leaders

The author of The Art & Business of Ghostwriting


Founder of Ship 30 for 30, the largest digital writing program on the Internet.

Scaled to millions of dollars in revenue and over 10,000 students from around the world.

Former BlackRock hedge fund trader.

GhostWriting 101

Here’s why we believe ghostwriting is the fastest path & most lucrative way for writers to earn a lucrative living in the digital age. Take a look at the below free resources to get yourself up to speed on this incredible opportunity for writers to work anywhere, land interesting clients, and get paid a premium.

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Building A Ghostwriting Agency To $180k/mo

I share my journey building a ghostwriting agency to $180k per month and how you can do it yourself

What Is Premium Ghostwriting? (Free 5-Step Crash Course)

Are you a freelance writer struggling to land high ticket clients?

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Over 20,000 combined copies sold! If you’re brand new to the world of digital writing or ghostwriting, start here.

The Art & Business of Online Writing

What are the secrets to writing online? Why do some writers accumulate hundreds of thousands, even millions of views on their content—and others write and write, only to go unnoticed? Learn from Nicolas Cole, one of the most-read writers on the Internet with over 1 billion views on his content and work published in TIME, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Inc, and more.

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The Art & Business of Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is the single most lucrative way to monetize your talents as a writer. Over the past 6 years, Nicolas Cole has ghostwritten for more than 300 different industry leaders, Silicon Valley founders, Olympic athletes, Grammy-winning musicians, and New York Times bestselling authors. Here’s why ghostwriting is such an exciting career path, and how to get started.

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GhostWriting Education

Valuable Ghostwriting Content & Resources

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